New Artist Program

The Pikes Peak Arts Council and Xfinity have partnered to foster emerging artists of the region with this unique program.  Help us support a thriving arts community by stopping by and encouraging these amazing new talents.


"Tesla Lamp" by Michael BrownMichael Brown – Mixed Media

I make lamps using black iron pipe fittings that incorporate a water faucet handle that acts as a dimmer, I also use antique style filament bulbs and cloth covered cords on all the lamps, as well as incorporating mason jar shades on some of them.



"Colbolt Leaning Vase" by Derek HajdikDerek Hajdik – Ceramics

I use recycled stoneware (cone 6-10) clay, personally formulated cone 6 glaze, and I fire my pieces in a gas kiln (in reduction), a raku kiln, or an electric kiln (in oxidation). All of my pieces are thrown on a potters wheel with minimal hand-built features such as handles or carving. All of my tools are kept to a minimum as well; I try to make every part of the ceramic process as hand-made and organic as possible. The forms I create are of my own design, so each piece is truly unique.

"Anderson Farm 5" by Adam WilliamsAdam Williams – Photography

I work primarily with medium format, black and white film. I process all of my own negatives and then scan them into a digital file. I digitally finalize the image in much the same way I would in the dark room. Dodging and burning and finally spotting. All the prints are archival inkjet prints.



Returning Artists

Artists love the Pikes Peak Art & Music Festival. Many of our artists come back year after year because they love that our community comes out to support the arts. Be sure to say hello to all your returning favorites.


"Enchilada Plate" by Nita Bandy Nita Bandy – Ceramics

Wheel thrown and slab formed functional pottery. Clay and glazes fired to ^10 reduction including cobalt blue and Santa Fe hues.



"Matrices" by Micheline BrierreMicheline Brierre – Jewelry

I primarily bead-on-fiber; but also carve and cast, fire objects, form metal, paint and incorporate pen-and-ink miniatures. All of my pieces are my originals, and one-of-a-kind. I use fiber, gemstones, Precious Metal Clay, dichroic glass, a variety of glass beads, lamp-work beads, fresh water pearls, silver, gold, bronze and natural materials.

"Deschutes Jasper and Carnelian Pendent" by Jacky CantonJacky Canton – Jewelry

I make all of my jewelry pieces one at a time by hand. I use advanced metalworking techniques including construction, piercing, forming, pressure embossing, forging, marriage of metals, overlay, weaving, texturing, lamination, wire work, form-folding, reticulation, torch-colored copper, and torch-fired enamel. I use a variety of natural gemstones including cabochons, faceted gemstones, gemstone beads, freshwater pearls, and dichroic glass.

000441_922808_08520231_3075Casey Chinn – Photography

Photographs printed on dye-infused metal.





"Birdfeeder" by Lyle Clift IILyle Clift II – Ceramics

Handmade decorative and functional birdhouses,bird feeders and baths made of stone steel and clay.





"Enlightened" by Mitchell DillmanMitchell Dillman – Wood

I make cool stuff with welded steel and trees we harvest locally here in Colorado Springs from our two recent wildfires… http://LogFurnitureHowTo.com/about …and be sure to check out my youtube while you’re there!



"Arizona Sunset" by William ElliottWilliam Elliott – Mixed Media

Kinetic art hand formed copper suspending handmade or crystal balls of many sizes & vibrant colors mesmerizing all with 3 illusions & graceful dances in the wind.




"Critter" by Brian GebertBrian Gebert – Metal

I incorporate the use of found metal from trucks, cars, farm equipment and make outside sculptures.





"Couple" by Jennifer GhormleyJennifer Ghormley – Printmaking

I create unique designs with handmade elements, hand-printed fine art prints on paper. Screenprint, woodcut, trace monotype, and mixed processes, adding machine sewn details when applicable. Finished prints are either framed or mounted to wood panel, with a layer of encaustic wax applied to the surface. I collect all the scraps and misprints that art making generates, and transform this resource material into useful recycled journals too!

"Spitoon" by Robert GibbsRobert Gibbs – Wood

Artistic and functional woodturnings made on a wood lathe from highly figured woods and burls.




untitled by Tony Heslop 2Tony Heslop – Ceramics







"Faux bois bowl" by David JessupDavid Jessup – Mixed Media

Hypertufa is a mix of cement, perlite and vermiculite. Pieces are hand formed, then sculpted and carved and wet cured. Coloring is brushed on with concrete stains. I use bits of collected ceramics, glass, stone, found objects and re-cycled materials to create patterns and designs. Work is lightweight and weather proof.



"Owl Pillow Pal" by Melissa LarsenMelissa Larsen – Textile/ Fiber Art

My name is Melissa Larsen and I do business as Warm Personality. I make a wide variety of sewing and textile based fine crafts. I design and create all patterns myself. My items are made using a combination of machine sewing and hand stitching. I use a variety of textiles including cotton, vinyl, upholstery fabrics, and also socks to make sock monkeys. Many of my items contain applique designs which involves me cutting a shape out of one fabric and sewing it onto another fabric or surface.

"Day of the Dead" by John LaRosaJohn LaRosa – Glass

Multi-layered fused glass bowls, plates platter and sculpture using glass paint, sandblasting and slumping to enhance my designs.





"Broadmoor" by Julie LeidelJulie Leidel – Painting

Inspired by the WPA national parks posters of the 1930s, I use color, shape, and typography to evoke the feeling of yesteryear. I strive to creatively translate the mountains, nature, and architecture around me into artwork for the Craftsman home. The Arts & Crafts Movement (1887-1920) inspired creating heirloom artwork with your hands. I love telling a story with poetry as part of my artwork. I paint with gouache on illustration board, or acrylic. My husband makes my quarter-sawn oak frames.


"Ocean rock bracelet" by Roger Mathews Roger Mathews – Jewelry

My forms are hallow pieces that appear heavy, but are light to the touch. I decorate with semi-precious stones and river rock. By using natural elements found, with the combination of the silver texture, I create an interesting form that expresses natural world beauty with created world beauty.



untitled by Roger MatthewsRoger Matthews – Sculpture

I enjoy pulling color out of nature and re-introducing it in the form of glass.The creations that I make, are each one of a kind. I kiln form many layers of glass upon each other.The result is a multi layed glass form with an almost 3-dimensional aspect.Then I set these art forms in welded sculptured frames. These art totum, are meant to be displayed outdoors, for a year round viewing and enjoyment.


"ice Blue earrings" by Ace McCasland Ace McCasland – Jewelry

In an endless exploration of organic and industrial, rustic and elegant, I challenge expectations of what is precious by using alternative, unexpected materials (such as tempered glass) and deeply oxidized metal (for that ‘recently unearthed’ look) for my eclectic metalwork and jewelry. Each element of my work is hand crafted, as I make my own ear wires, jump rings, clasps, chain, et cetera, for a truly unique work of wearable art.

L"Luck in Love" by Liz McCombsiz McCombs – Sculpture

Original sculptures are unique and hand-crafted from ceramic and a variety of other objects. Wire, paint, metal, and recycled /found objects are incorporated into my sculpture. Sculptures are crafted using hand-building clay techniques, faux finish painting, metalwork and collage. My work includes sculptures that are both free standing and wall hanging. I work to create a body of work with both variety and consistency.

"Wood Nymph" by Annette MooreAnnette Moore – Mixed Media

We use only vintage ceiling tin (1860’s – 1920’s) from all over the US and salvaged 100 year old Louisiana wood trim to frame and create hand painted Roosters, still life fruits and flowers, wall hangings, head boards, clocks and mirrors. We leave as much of the vintage old paints and finishes on the tins as possible and after creating the pieces they are sealed and coated with appropriate finishes. Our work could be called “the ultimate one-of-a-kind vintage salvaged fine craft and art”.

Karen ReeceKaren Reece – Jewelry

Lampwork (torchwork) glass beads MADE BY ME into jewelry using handmade (or purchased) silver and copper findings.




"Sea Foam" by Bonny ReinmuthBonny Reinmuth – Painting

I stretch and prepare my own canvases. Single or multiple canvases are textured, followed by layers of heavily applied bright colored acrylics. Each work is finished with my unique application process of “strings” of heavy and soft body acrylics for additional depth, texture, and interest.



"Early Morning at the Crystal Mill" by Peggy ScheyPeggy Schey – Painting

I love to paint Colorado scenes in watercolor and oil. I offer a great size range of paintings ranging from realistic to semi abstract.




"Red Dahlia Garden A" by Susan SpohnSusan Spohn – Painting

Oil paints, turps, linseed oil, varnish, on panel. Paintings are painted using painting knives and bristle brushes.




"At the Holy Cross Abbey" by Karen StandridgeKaren Standridge – Painting







"the pier" by Michael StipekMichael Stipek – Photography

Traditional photographs of evocative scenics and architectural images. Printed on Fujicolor Crystal Archive paper using Kodak “RA-4″ chemistry.




"Gold and Silver Cuff" by Wolfgang VaatzWolfgang Vaatz – Jewelry

I do both lapidary work and metalsmithing. I fabricate, shape, forge, solder St. silver w. 18k or 22k gold or CA placer gold flakes fused. With hammers and engraving tools I texture or carve designs, often landscapes, then I oxidize. Set gemstone (cut by others) complete the design. Having a painter and sculptor background, working with minerals or metals is the reverse process to painting. Instead of adding paint to create a composition, ‘color and pattern’ is removed to expose the composition.

Gary Vigen – Painting






"Snake River Meadow, Keystone" by Bruce WhiteBruce White – Painting

Water media (fluid acrylics) on Aquabord – Illustrative landscapes and cityscapes with visually textured vignette areas blending into negative spaces.



"Leather Wallet" by Pat WhitePat White – Leather

Our handcrafted leather items are made in Colorado from US cowhide. Each item is hand cut, then a pattern is hand stamped into the leather using age-old stamping techniques and carving tools. Pieces are hand dyed using creative techniques we’ve developed; then assembled, mostly by hand. All of our goods are made of cowhide, with the exception of the wallet insides, which are made of pigskin. The four cornerstones of what we create are quality, functionality, durability, and design.

"Lone Moose" by Annette WilliamsAnnette Williams – Photography

Traditional Wildlife Photography without manipulations nor photo-shopping, printed on Premium Epson paper with Epson Inks. My images range from Greeting Cards to various matted prints, ready to be framed, to Framed 18″x22″ Photos . National Geographic Award Winner.


"Mayan Blue" by Tim ZandeeTim Zandee – Photography

Upscale and giant dark room prints mounted on wood or acrylic. No manipulation is used.




"pattern bar windows" by Diana ZombolaDiana Zombola – Glass

Brilliantly colored transparent and opaque glass, and dichroic glass; is fused in the kiln, cold-worked to perfect the edges, and slumped into molds. Some pieces have been combed in the kiln prior to fusing. Other pieces utilize pattern bar pieces created by the artist, these pieces are then fused and slumped, or draped in the kiln.




New to Our Festival

For the seasoned artist who is new to the Pikes Peak Art & Music Festival, help us extend a warm welcome.


"Jasper Set" by Charles BabbCharles Babb – Jewelry

Hand-Crafted contemporary jewelry in Sterling Silver, Copper, Brass, Anodized Niobium and Recycled Aluminum with semi-precious gemstones (Amethyst, Sapphire, Citrine, Peridot, Turquoise, Amber & Opal). Some also use Swarovski Crystals. Necklaces, Bracelets, Pendants, Rings & Earrings.


"We May Be Going Over" by Asha BarnesAsha Barnes – Sculpture

I work primarily in single edition bronze that is a nightmare to cast! I do all of my own patinas and I am experimenting on a way to patina print onto my sculptures. My bases are either reclaimed wood or stone that I finish myself and I like to add hand-dyed wool, glass and/or paper into my sculptures.



"The Amazing Human Cannonball" by Mitchell Berg Mitchell Berg – Glass

I transform scraps of glass using a kiln and torch. I make glass sculptures assembled with welded, found scrap metal, discarded wood, plastic, fiber and consumer waste. I elaborate with lengthy titles.


Bergren_000512_886762_08293346_3075Lisa & Timothy Bergen – Wood

Our ducks are hand-crafted from century-old fence posts, salvaged from Rocky Mountain ranches. Each piece is cut out, sanded and finished by hand. The heads are separate and are matched to the bodies, then glued on with a dowel.



"Tree of Life Pink" by Spirit & Samuel BushSpirit & Samuel Bush – Jewelry

We are a husband & wife team, creating functional and wearable art for over ten years. Our jewelry consists of our original acrylic paintings encased in custom designed silver bezels or hand-cut kiln fired recycled glass combined with semi-precious and vintage beads and stones. Nearly 90% of our pendants are reversible with our pen & ink drawings on the back, providing unique functional, inspirational, and wearable art.

"Scarf" by Cholpon DjumabaevaCholpon Djumabaeva – Textiles/ Fiber Art

We buy and collect sheep wool from local farmers to make our hand made hats, scarfs and accessories. The designs on our hats come from petrglyphs. Our hand made scarfs are made with a combination of silk and many types of wools.I was born in Kyrgyzstan and grew up making items from sheep wool. Sheep was and still is our main source of food. My country is thousands of years old. My ancestors traveled the silk road to sell hand made products from sheep wool. I moved to the USA in 2004.

"Appetizers" by Sarah FosterSarah Foster – Jewelry

Textural jewelry sculpture impeccably crafted from raw materials. Hand felted and dyed wool, hand cut collectable stones and a wide variety of recycled metals are engineered together by hot and cold connections.



"Treasure Lost" by Tony FowlerTony Fowler – Mixed Media

A composition of hand-painted monoprint, digital paint, collection photograph, 2D vector graphics and 3D modeling.




"Tree Pendant- Atomic" by Lisa GastelumLisa Gastelum – Jewelry

Each of my beaded spheres begins with a wooden core that is dyed to match the seed bead exterior. One bead at a time, I meticulously hand-weave each sphere, covering the wooden core entirely with individual tiny glass seed beads. I developed my bead weaving techniques almost 20 years ago and continue to look for and work on new shapes and sizes that I may find over the years. In addition I hand-fabricate the complementary sterling silver components that encircle, run through, and top the spheres.

Jo Gaston – Painting






Church at Chimayo by  Mary GormanMary Gorman – Painting

I am a Colorado native and a resident of Colorado Springs.  I have always loved art and travel.  I enjoy painting watercolors and silk in my studio and plein air around the Pikes Peak Region.  My love of travel explains the diversity of my painting subjects.  Everywhere I go I see beauty and amazing animals, people and landscapes.  I am inspired and awed by how beautiful our world is. My photos from travel around the world and in Colorado are reference for my painting.  I became a signature member of Pikes Peak Watercolor Society (PPWS) in 2011 after having paintings juried into PPWS International Watermedia XVII, Watercolor Wyoming 26th Annual National Exhibition, and winning third prize in the 2011 New Mexico Watercolor Society Fall 2011 Open Exhibition.  In 2012 my painting won 2nd place in the Mountainside Miniature Show in Golden, CO. I became a member of Silk Painters International and attended their conference in Santa Fe.  I am a member of Gallery 113 at 113 North Tejon, Colorado Springs.  It is a vibrant cooperative gallery with 20 diverse and fun artists.


"Manzanita Lamp" by Brenda Griffin-WagnerBrenda Griffin-Wagner – Mixed Media

Functional lighted sculpture; birch, manzanita, driftwood, stone, beads, wire, handmade papers.




untitled by Darlene HoffacherDarlene Hoffarcher – Painting







"clay n lay" by Robert HughesRobert Hughes – Ceramics

Hand thrown, hand built functional and decorative clay. Decorative techniques include, sgraffito , wax resist , matte and gloss glazes with overglaze brush work, engobes , colored slips, carving and incising and wood firing.



"Histiaia hammered ring" by Hanan Ingel Hanan Ingel – Jewelry

We create our jewelry by combining genuine ancient Greek and Roman coins with hand designed and handmade jewelry to craft a distinctive piece of art that is also an artifact from the ancient world. Our jewelry has a Mediterranean flare, handmade using soldering and fabrication techniques, from sterling silver and 14 KT gold and some pieces are ornamented with semiprecious and precious stones. The authenticity of each coin is verified before setting and a certificate is included.

"Large Sgraffito Bowl" by Tim IngersollTim Ingersoll – Ceramics

I have a passion for creating functional pottery. Things people use everyday or take out on special occasions, from their favorite coffee mug, mixing bowl, bean pot, serving platter or salt pig.When throwing, I imagine how the item will be used or held, what shape best suits its function, and how the glaze will interact with that shape. I work with cone 6 stoneware clay and food safe glazes. I have collected a number of glaze recipes that I feel interact well with the clays I use.

untitled by Chris JacksonChris Jackson – Ceramics







"Straw Hat" by Paul JonesPaul Jones - Sculpture

I sketch out a hat design on paper, determine the final dimensions, cut 16 gauge sheet metal into the brim and crown with electric metal shears, roll the crown and weld into shape, texture the steel with hand hammer blows, weld and hand hammer pieces as needed to fit, clean up surface, heat and patinate, hand wax or hot oil final finish.

"Spring Forest 1" by Ji KimJi Kim – Painting

To maintain the highest standard, I personally perform all the embodiment aspects involved in my work. I create a large or a small landscape, city and natural scenery on canvas by first layer with gesso, with pallet knife touch and second layer with oil and reworking paintings to recover their multiple layers of images and colors.


"Continental Divide Adjustable Cuff in Silver" by Michelle Keller

Michell Keller – Jewelry  

I hold a BFA in metalsmithing and have been creating hand built jewelry since 2003. Each piece is completely designed and constructed in my studio. My process includes looking at the materials that I have available in the studio then cutting, filing, drilling, and sanding until I light it on fire and beat it up on the anvil! After all that abuse somehow magically each piece becomes unique wearable art! I use mostly silver, bronze, gold, and brass with raw and faceted stones.


"Palouse Squal" by Jon LaBassJon LaBass – Photography

All of my photography is captured with a digital SLR (and a few filters) and are developed with Adobe Lightroom and Nik Software plugins. The development process includes adjusting white balance, exposure, contrast, etc., and converting to black and white. Some photographs may provide a literal representation of what the eye saw in nature while others may provide more of a creative representation.

"Limited Fountain Pen" by Aaron LauAaron Lau – Wood

Inlaid Hawaiian Koa wood pens. I use Woods, stones, surfboard resins and other materials for the inlays.





Chi Leary – Mixed Media






"Red dot teapot" by Rebecca Livingston Rebecca Livingston – Ceramics

I throw each piece of pottery on the potter’s wheel from high fire, white, stoneware. Pieces are bisque fired then decorated using hand cut stamps, trailed glazes, wax resist and brushwork. Final glaze firing, to 2400+ in propane fueled kiln. Amazingly lightweight.



"Portrait of a Red Fox" by Tiffany MaserTiffany Maser – Painting

Landscapes and wildlife inspire me. Doing field research and many plein air studies I create larger studio oil paintings on linen or hardboard.



"Bosque Night Fall" by Larry MatneyLarry Matney – Photography

Photographic images are captured using high resolution digital cameras and printed using archival inks and papers by either the photographer or a commercial printer under the photographer’s direction.


"Ring group" by Don McCoyDon McCoy – Jewelry

Gemcutter and Metalsmith, I am the sole creator of every aspect of the jewelry that’s I create. I cut carve or inlay the Gemstones that I use. I hand fabricate the settings for the carvings or the inlays from recycled silver or gold. I also hand fabricate all the chains that I use for my pendants. My primary metal is sterling silver.

"Japanese Bride" by  Bobbie McCrea Bobbie McCrea – Ceramics

Clay is formed into shards & textured for broken look. After bisque firing shards are glazed layering each color 3-6 times, then I Raku fire each piece, when cooled they are washed to remove soot.



Shadow Dancing by Arlayne McKeeArlayne McKee – Painting







Pikes Peak 12 Tammy MeeskeTammy Meeske – Painting






"Summer Aspen" by Carolyn MillerCarolyn Miller – Painting

My work concentrates on the Colorado landscape. Many of my studio works are consider very large for most art festivals. I do include some smaller works which are painted on location. Painting is a way to chronicle my life and where I have lived.


"RMN Imperial Jasper and RubyEarrings" by Rynn MillerRynn Miller – Jewelry

Hand-fabricated sterling silver jewelry with natural gemstones, and gold or gem accents.




Kathy Murray - Sun Poppy WatercolorKathy Murray – Painting

Kathleen Murray’s adventure as a watercolor painter is a direct result of reinventing herself after retirement.  With the instruction and encouragement of the Colorado Arts community, she has found fulfillment and success exhibiting and marketing her art.  Kathleen preferred painting style may be described as story-telling.  She is currently exploring various experimental techniques to further express her point of view.

Kathleen has studied extensively with noted artists in Colorado, New Mexico and Costa Rica. Her art can be seen at www.forestkatstudio.com


"Cuff" by Gail NecklerGail Neckler – Mixed Media






"Aquadream" by Cindi Wills Roy Odom & Cindi Wills – Ceramics

Wheel thrown and hand built functional and figurative stoneware finished with extreme attention to detail.



"A Storm of Peace" by Matthew Obrakta & Meighan DavissonMatthew Obrakta & Meighan Davisson – Mixed Media

Phoetry – a fusion of alternative photography and poetry – is created by Matthew Obrakta (Photographic Artist) and Meighan Davisson (Poet and Artist). Our process combines creating digital negatives, light sensitive chemically painted paper, UV rays, water, and time to create the alternative photography printed paper and then overlaying that imagery with typewritten poetry. Finally this work is either adhered to painted wood or framed.

"Mestizo Series: De Paseo" by Armado Pena Jr. Armado Pena Jr. – Painting

Acrylic on cradeld gessoboard, cradled aquaboard & aquaboard panel.




black squareCarl Riggs – Painting






"Wide Open Spaces" by Michael RussellMichael Russell - Photography

I make images using traditional photographic and darkroom techniques, and print the images to archival photographic paper or canvas. I photograph my wildlife and landscape images in the wild, often waiting days to get the right image and lighting. I conservation mount the photos by hand to acid-free, pH neutral mattes. I’m also playing with a large format matte-finish acrylic for very large prints (four feet by six feet) that I hope to have ready for my June & July shows.

untitled by Gene SanchezGene Sanchez – Painting






"Havana Club" by Kenyetta SandersKenyetta Sanders – Photography

I still use film to produce my photography,I use a 24″ Epson printer,print on photo paper,canvus and sometime on 100% rag paper. I do photo silk screen hand pull on 100% rag paper. The image is printed with oil base ink then I hand color it with water color. Each image is the same but the color is diffrent. All are done by me. I print the image then hand color it to give it a look that people ask if its a painting or a photography. Some images are on box frames no glass or reflection.

"Gunnera Leaf" by Stephanie ShroyerStephanie Shroyer – Concrete

Sand cast and hand sculpted concrete using leaves in the process. A proprietary blend of concrete containing fiberglass fly ash, plasticizers and bonding agents is used to create one of a kind functional and non functional art. The spectrum of pieces range from dinner plates and bowls to birdbaths and fountains and wall pieces. Each piece is hand formed, and allowed to cure, the leaves are removed with a power washer, then acid stained, neutralized and then sealed with food safe sealer.

"Cracked" by Frank SkullyFrank Skully – Wood

I use a mix of domestic and exotic hardwood in combination to create contrasting or at times complimentary designs for my jewelry boxes. These are wood sculptures with lined drawers and hidden compartments. I try to highlight the grain patterns and some of the defects in the wood because I think that brings out the beauty of the box. I do not use any stains or dyes, just clear finishes are applied.

"Summer Meadow" by Suz StovallSuz Stoval – Painting

Layered acrylic, resulting in contemporary impressionistic paintings exploring color and light.




"Fuse Box Tin Pendant" by Brian TacangBrian Tacang – Jewelry

Endlessly fascinated with old things, I employ vintage and antique objects in my resin collage jewelry. Victorian die cuts, game pieces, and antique hardware are just a few of the things that find their way into my jewelry and 3-D collage.


black squareRobert Thompson – Photographer






"Splendor of the Rockies" by Josh TrefethenJosh Trefethen – Photography

My work is Large Format Colorful imagery studying the natural world through alternative processes. Printed and developed 100% by artist using pigment inks on archival media to museum quality standards.


untitled by Wanda VeltkampWanda Veltkamp – Painting

Using the play of light and dark on shapes and colors, the painter Wanda Veltkamp’s latest works reveal richly textured and colored landscapes and snapshots of the Southwest and the places where she has traveled. Whether in a rolling landscape, jutting rocks or everyday scenes, the artist’s intense colors and strong composition reflect the beauty of the world around her.

The artist invites you to travel with her in her paintings. Enjoy the colors, textures and beauty of our planet.



Jennifer Waddell – Painting Piggies by Jennifer Waddell

Jennifer Waddell’s emerging work in oils is lively and engaging, drawing the viewer to join in the creative conversation that each painting evokes. Jennifer’s studio is located in Old Colorado City, at the Second Floor Studios, where she also studies with Chris Alvarez. Dedicated and passionate about working with her hands to express herself through oil painting, Jennifer looks forward to sharing her work with a new audience during the 10th Annual Pikes Peak Arts Festival.

"Whimsical Disc Cuff Bracelet" by Bonny Waters-Mullins Bonny Waters-Mullins – Jewelry

Using the flame of a torch to melt colored rods of glass, I create unique, one of a kind glass beads. The beads are made by winding the hot glass onto a stainless steel rod and then layering different colors of molten glass onto the bead to create different patterns. The beads are then combined with sterling silver to be fashioned into necklaces, bracelets and earrings. My jewelry is whimsical, contemporary and is meant to make people smile.

"Independence Pass Barn and Tractor" by Rick WinklerRick Winkler – Photography

I shoot digital and large format, I do all processing, printing and framing with canvas and fine art rag